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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When and where will NVNMUN'23 be held?

Answer: NVNMUN'23 will be held at Nagarjuna Vidyaniketan for three days, i.e., the 19th, 20th and 21st of November 2023.

Question: What is prohibited in NVNMUN'23?

Answer: All delegates must follow discipline and maintain decorum, usage of vulgar language and commission of inappropriate and indecent actions are prohibited. Please follow the school guidelines, no damage of school property is entertained.

Question: Is there a dress code?

Answer: Yes. All delegates must be dressed in Western business formals. Girls may dress in skirts, but they must be up to knee level.

Question: Will food be provided at the venue?

Answer: Yes, lunch and snacks will be provided at the venue.

Question: Should we wear an ID Card?

Answer: An ID Card will be provided by the Organizing Committee. It is compulsory to wear the ID Cards at all times, even as a Logistics Member

Question: Are delegates allowed to bring gadgets and use internet?

Answer: Use your gadgets for research exclusively. Participants will be required to carry their own laptops/electronic gadgets, and their own Internet connection, if permitted in their committee. Notebooks and other stationery will be provided. Only the members of the Press will be permitted to use the Internet during the committee. Other committees will generally not have this facility, however, the same is at the discretion of the respective Executive Boards.

Question: Will there be a briefing session before the conference?

Answer: Yes, all committees will have a Committee Orientation a little before the actual event.

Question: Should the delegates prepare before the Committee Orientation?

Answer: Delegates should have finished 99% of their research before the Orientation session, however, reading of the Delegate Handbook and the respective Background Guides is compulsory.

Question: What are Position Papers and when are they due?

Answer: Position Papers are summaries of the Delegates’ research. This is explained in the Delegate Handbook.

If a delegate is found missing from their committee during formal session, they will be accountable to the Principal and Secretary General.

Good luck!

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